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Attractive woman with a hat smiling and showing her porcelain veneers

How it Works

The Invisalign® process is very easy! Periodically, you will swap the old aligners out for a new set to gently and gradually shift your teeth into place.

Why Invisalign®?

Virtually invisible and removable, Invisalign® braces can be an effective alternative to traditional braces for teens and adults who want to straighten their teeth.

Attractive woman with a hat smiling and showing her porcelain veneers


  • Removable at any time
  • Enjoy favorite foods without broken wires and brackets
  • Faster results with less pain

“The office is immaculate. The staff is considerate and professional. They offered me a hot neck pillow, and blanket. Dr. Asim Ansari was very professional and warm as well.The equipment is state of the art. I got a clear picture of the damage my bad crown was causing to my gums. They gave me a straight forward quote for services. Excellent experience overall and I would highly recommend this office.”

Mustafa N.

Happy Patient

What Is Invisalign®?

Invisalign® has been used for more than 20 years by patients seeking straighter, more attractive smiles. This time-tested alignment system uses a series of flexible plastic “trays”, or aligners, to shift teeth into their proper positions.

Just like the name suggests, Invisalign® aligners are so thin and clear that they fit snugly over the teeth without being visible to anybody else. You or your teenager can talk, smile, laugh, and enjoy their normal life without the embarrassment or inconvenience of metal braces.

Invisalign® has changed the face of orthodontics. Instead of wires attached to your teeth, your teeth can now be straightened invisibly.

  • Invisalign® is clear. You can straighten your teeth without anyone knowing.
  • Invisalign® is removable. Unlike braces, you can eat and drink what you want during treatment. You can also brush and floss normally to maintain good oral hygiene.
  • Invisalign® is comfortable. No metal brackets or wires to cause mouth irritation, and less time in the dentist’s chair getting adjustments.

The Invisalign® process has been proven effective in clinical research and in orthodontic practices nationwide. However, only a certified dentist like ours can undertake this procedure.

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